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Wanted and For Sale

FDPC Members can post WANTED and FOR SALE notices here, by e-mailing their requests to the Webmaster  (attach a photo if you can).  All adverts are accepted at FDPC's discretion. Advertisers must inform the Webmaster when the item is bought / sold - All adverts may be deleted after 3 months, unless the advertiser specifically requests an extension. Remember, this website is a service for FDPC members, but is visible world-wide !  The content, contact number, legality and FAC administration of any transaction are all the responsibility of the buyer / seller, and FDPC will not be liable for ANY consequences arising from adverts or their responses, whatever the outcome. Take care in all transactions and dealings, especially with unknown 3rd parties !!



The club holds stock of the following, for members to purchase.

  • Factory ammo in 22RF (Mini-Mag, Eley Force / CCI AR); 38 Spl; 357 Mag; 223 and 7.62.

  • Shotgun ammo – birdshot and buckshot

  • Federal Primers – Large and Small, Rifle and Pistol

  • GM hardcast bullets – 125gn RN (9mm); 158gn 356/7/8 TC’s (38 Spl);  240gn 429 RNFP (44Mag)

  • Various powders – currently GM3


For sale



Upcoming Events

  • 18th - Practical Practice  @ Anglo

  • 20th Action Air Practice @ Anglo

  • 23rd - Historic FB  Service Rifle match


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