Membership of FDPC is open to anyone over the age of 11, as long as they meet certain criteria – mainly associated with the provisions of the Firearms Act. We are required, by Law, to inform the Police of all formal applications for membership (whether succesful or otherwise). We also have to tell the Police when someone leaves the club, and thus is no longer a member.


In Law, there are certain prohibitions regarding the possession of firearms (including shotguns and air weapons). This means that certain people are not only prohibited from possessing their own guns, but would also be prohibited, for example, to take part in clay pigeon shoots, or possessing guns on a shooting range.


In simple terms, the following applies:


  • Any person sentenced to serve between three months and three years is prohibited from possessing any firearm for a period of five years, from the date on which they are released from prison.

  • Any person sentenced to serve a prison sentence of three years or more is prohibited as above for life (unless the prohibition is lifted by the Crown Court).


Both firearm and shotgun application forms require the applicant to disclose previous convictions. It is an offence under the Firearms Act to make a false declaration when answering this question. More details are available from the website pertaining to Section 21 of the Firearms Act 1968.


You must be personally introduced to the club by an existing full member, so you need to make contact and establish that link – maybe through a visit, or attendance at a 'Meet & Greet' or Open Day.

If your application is successful, you are then taken through a mandatory provisional membership period, during which time you'll be expected to attend range days and training sessions. That lasts for 6 months, then the opportunity to apply for full membership is considered.


There are various Categories and Costs associated with membership - click here.  Membership rules are explained in more detail in our constitution.  Finally, on our download page, read the FDPC Info Pack !

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Upcoming Events

  • 11th -   Practical @ Anglo - Practice.

  • 13th -   Gallery Rifle  @ Anglo - Practice.

  • 14th - 100m BP and 22 rifle at No 2 Gallery, Warmister

  • 16th -   Practical @ Anglo - Practice.