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You can download the software to directly view the CCTV at Anglo. 

You'll then be able to check if there is anyone shooting - before you travel !

Go to the SWANN website ...

Find the following Application and download the software for your particular platform.

Download for:   For iOS devices |  For Android Devices |  For Windows |  For MAC

Ask a Committee member for a User Name and Password, when at Anglo !


FDPC employs 24 x 7 CCTV for the prevention of crime and for members safety.  A condition of use of Anglo Ranges is the acknowledgement and acceptance of the use of this system.  


Upcoming Events

  • 21st - Practical Practice at Anglo

  • 23rd - PSG practice at Wanstrow (8:45)

  • 23rd - Long Range FB -CANCELLED !!

  • 28th - Action Air Practice at Anglo


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