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Competitions - Gallery Rifle - Rimfire Festival.

The Rimfire Festival (RFF) is a competition designed for 22LR Rifles and LBP's, to make it cheap and easy to shoot with even the most basic of kit.
Established in 2012, the event consists of 5 standard GR competitions, for one fixed price. Everyone shoots all the matches (no complex squadding required) and prizes are awarded for the individual comps, and an overall aggregate.
The event takes place on one day, (09:00 to 16:30) with all the participants shooting and helping to run the match. It's held at the Anglo ranges in Shepton Mallet, using both the 25M and 50M ranges, utilising the turning targets.

The comps are : T&P1, MT, Granet, America and 1020. Most are standing only, with only one requiring a kneeling / sitting stage. Full courses of fire are in the latest GR&P handbook, available from the club, the NRA or as a download from the website.  

You will require a semi-auto Rifle or LBP, with at least 4 x 6 round magazines, and 250 rounds of ammo.

This comp fills up fast - we are limited to 36 entries, due to range space. So, if you are interested in shooting it next time, get your entries in promptly.

The event attract generous sponsorship from Optics Warehouse and Kranks - please support them, as they support us !  Our prize table is usually between £400 and £500 in value, so well worth the entry fee.

Thanks to all who enter, help out and support the match thus far !

The next RFF Match will be held on Sat 10th May 2025  (get it in your Diary !)

RESULTS FOR THE 2024 RFF are here (pdf)

More pics on Facebook in due course ....

Historical Results

RFF - 13th May 2023 - Full Results are here (PDF)

RFF - 14th May 2022 ...    Full Results (PDF)


The RFF 2024 overall
winner -  Gary Bowden

Receiving his prize  
a WULF rifle scope,
generously donated by 

Upcoming Events

  • 8th - Practical Practice  @ Anglo

  • 11th Action Air Practice @ Anglo

  • 14th - FB Rifle at Bulford A Range


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