Competitions - Practical

One of the most popular disciplines in the club is Practical Shooting. In fact, it's what the club was founded upon. At Anglo, we shoot 22 Mini-Rifle and LBP matches. We also shoot Practical shotgun (PSG) at a local farm.

The practical scenarios vary each time, and are scored on a combination of speed and accuracy.

The RO'ing is 1:1 with the shooter - ensuring practical remains one of a safest disciplines we shoot.


All members receive training, added practice nights and coaching where required. We also recommend a formal certified training course run by the UKPSA.


FDPC is affiliated to the UKPSA. Click their logo for more details


Upcoming Events

  • 6th - Practical Practice at Anglo

  • 8th - Action Air and Club Nigh at Anglo

  • 9th - Range Build

  • 10-11th - Practical Match at Anglo

  • 11th - FB Rifle @ No 2