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Membership - Costs

There are a number of categories of membership with associated costs; see the table attached. 

All categories of membership (except Provisionals) have full rights and status to vote at AGM / EGM meetings. A more comprehensive description of the membership rules can be found in the Membership Annex of the Constitution.

The upcoming membership year will run 1st Oct 2023, for 12 months (renewing after 12 months).

All membership rates are determined by the Committee and are calculated as a percentage of the 'Base rate' for that period. For the period up to the end of the 2023/24 membership year, the base rate remains at £175.


Failure to renew on time may mean that membership is terminated, and the relevant authorities informed. Please note that it is your responsibility to renew before the end of the current membership year (30th September 2023).


All members (inc. Life) must complete an annual renewal form, issued by the membership secretary in about August each year. Failure to renew Life membership after 7 years will mean termination of membership and benefits. (Download a spare copy of the renewal form HERE)


Fees can be paid by BACS transfer – bank details are included on the annual membership renewal forms. Payment by cash and cheque is also accepted but BACS is preferred.


Upcoming Events

  • 30th - Club Night

  • 1/2/3 Dec - NRA Practical Build and match at Anglo

  • 3rd - Mc'Queens Sniper match.


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