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Membership - Training

All new members MUST undertake a period of training, irrespective of your previous experience. We want to make sure you know our rules, range procedures and be familiar with our full range of firearms. This provides us with the confidence that you can shoot safely, handle the firearms confidently and demonstrate a basic level of competence.


Any FULL member could be asked to supervise an individual, or a range, with multiple firearms being used. Therefore, even if you do not shoot a certain firearm on a regular basis, you should be familiar with them all, allowing you to safely handle, load, unload and prove clear, if required.


Training may take the form of 1:1 coaching or a group session. You must become familiar with and be assessed as competent against Smallbore Rfles, Fullbore Rifles, Muzzle Loaders, Gallery Rifles and Shotguns. The individual trainer for each session will sign you off on your training form and at the end of your probationary period, the Training Officer must provide an overall assessment. The clubs training policy and the latest Training Manual are on our downloads page;  we suggest you read them.


Probationary Membership must, by Law last at least 3 months; the policy within FDPC is 6 months, After 6 months, you will either be considered for FULL membership, be given an option to extend your probationary period, or membership may be terminated. We also want to get to know you as a person; this informs our eventual decision regarding FULL membership, should you get that far in the process. So, it's important that you attend on a regular basis, get to know the members, the committee and the procedures in place on the range. If we don't know you, we can't confidently recommend you for FULL membership.


Your Training Form provides one part of the evidence for your FULL membership application - please ensure it gets completed, and make sure you look after it !  Another element is the completion of a written test - You'll need to successfully complete this and add it to your FULL application.


Upcoming Events

  • 8th -  Action Air @ Anglo range

  • 10th - First Aid Course at Anglo

  • 11th - Club TP1 & TP2 competition

  • 15th  - Practical Practice @ Anglo 


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