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Company Number: 8986334. Incorporated under the Companies Act 2006 as a private company limited by guarantee.

Registered Office: Lowerfield Barn, Yarde Farm, Combe Florey, Taunton TA4 3JB

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Annual General Meeting



Frome & District Pistol Club Ltd - Annual General Meeting

Thursday 21st February 2019, 7:00pm (Meeting starts at 7:30pm)


Dear Membership,


I am hereby giving you good notice of our club’s next AGM. As in previous years it will be held at the same location;

               The Standerwick Centre,

                Frome Livestock Market,

                Frome,  BA11 2QB.


The Standerwick Suite has changed hands recently, but this won’t affect our usual format for the evening. The meeting will start at 19:30 but please aim to be there for 19:00 where you will find the bar open. As usual there will be a break mid-session for a buffet meal.


As before, any motions proposed for discussions at the meeting need to be submitted to myself in writing at least 14 days prior to the AGM. (So, I won’t be taking any further motions after 7th February). These motions need to be proposed and seconded by current and full members of the club. Seven days prior to the AGM any motions and the evenings agenda will then be published to the membership.


We, the Committee do hope that you will be able to attend this meeting and have your say as to the running of what is an active and successful shooting club.


Best regards,


Anthony French

FDPC Secretary


For and on behalf of Frome and District Pistol Club Ltd



  • The AGENDA


The following business shall be transacted:-


  • Adoption of the Minutes of the previous AGM

  • Reports from the Officers of the Club including:

    • President

    • Chairman

    • Treasurer & adoption of the Accounts

    • Secretary/Membership Secretary

  • Review of the clubs financial strategy


·         30 minute BREAK – A buffet will be provided during which nominations for the Election of Officers will be finalised.


  • Election of Officers (including Auditor or Auditors) and Committee Members

  • Consideration of motions submitted for the consideration of the membership.

  • AOB


A final agenda for the meeting and details of any motions planned will be sent to all the members at least seven days before the meeting.




·         The deadline for motions to be submitted is 7th Feb 2019




·         All committee posts are subject to election at the AGM.


·         A process will be provided at the AGM for people to nominate and second candidates for each post. I am able to take nominations ahead of the AGM for the following committee roles, these should be sent directly to secretary@fdpc.co.uk please:



  • CHAIRMAN (and Director of FDPC Ltd)

  • TREASURER (and Director of FDPC Ltd)

  • SECRETARY (and Director of FDPC Ltd)







·         It is important to note that the role holders of the Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary posts are also required to be Directors of FDPC Ltd, as such anyone nominated for these roles should consider their ability to take on this responsibility and the need to be subject to the provisions of the Companies Act 2006.


·         A mechanism will be available to support a secret ballot for roles with multiple candidates.




·         All classes of membership (A member is defined as a person whose membership fees are fully paid for the current period) are entitled to attend the AGM and vote in person on motions put before any general meeting. Since incorporation the club is required to support Proxy Voting at the AGM.


·         Proxy Notices must contain your Name and Address and the Name and Address of the person to whom you are appointing the proxy.


·         Proxy Notices should either be delivered in writing to the FDPC Secretary, or by email to secretary@fdpc.co.uk no later than noon on the 7th February 2019. All proxy notices received will be validated by sending an email to the member who is assigning the proxy using the registered email address that the club holds on file. Where no email address is available a call will be placed to the registered phone number.


·         Proxy notices may specify how the proxy appointed under them is to vote (or that the proxy is to abstain from voting) on one or more resolutions.


·         Unless a proxy notice indicates otherwise, it must be treated as—

(a) allowing the person appointed under it as a proxy discretion as to how to vote on any ancillary or procedural resolutions put to the meeting, and

(b) appointing that person as a proxy in relation to any adjournment of the general meeting to which it relates as well as the meeting itself.




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  • 23rd - Rimfire Festival @ Anglo

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  • 1st Dec - FB Rifle shoot Langport

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