Shooting on MOD Ranges


The Club often uses Ministry of Defence (MOD) ranges. These include the Frome ACF, Warminster, Bulford, Langport and Yoxter. There are a number of conditions we must meet, as individuals and as a club, to access these ranges.


These conditions also apply in part at Bisley - although not MOD owned, the ranges share the same danger area as the MOD ranges next door, thus attract most of the same regulations.


When we use MOD ranges we sometimes have to access them via an MOD base (such as Warminster No 2 Gallery Range). The site is a working defence location - subject to tight security rules on access and use. When you turn up at locations such as this, be prepared to show photo ID (an FAC will suffice) and your FDPC Membership Card / Range Pass. You will often need to obtain a temporary car pass, to get through the site - this takes time, so allow for it when you arrive. Make sure as you enter and exit the secure site that you obey security rules - such as shutting the gates behind you !


Most of these ranges are managed by a full-time range warden (employed by LandMarc) - please be professional with them; they sometimes have their own interpretation of the rules and it can take a little time to adapt to their 'ways of working'.


MOD ranges are required to be run by a qualified RCO (Range Conducting Officer). This is a formal qualification obtained via the NRA - no other qualification is accepted. All RCO's need to be registered with the MOD before they can sign onto a range. RCO's should not shoot, unless they have formally handed range control over to another RCO. (Link to Current RCO renewal Form for 2014)


Individuals who want to shoot on MOD ranges must hold an SSC (Shooters Safety Certificate). The club (via the Chairman) can issue these to members who meet certain criteria. If you don't hold an SSC, you can't shoot, unless you are supervised on a 1:1 basis. They are very specific to the type of firearm that you are allowed to shoot. To obtain an SSC, download the application form and send it to the Chairman - they are free to members as part of our NRA affiliation charges, although if you are an individual member of the NRA, they could / should provide you with one anyway.

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