The club shoots at a number of venues; a mixture of private and MOD owned facilities. We also travel to other clubs for competitions, including the National Rifle Association (NRA) ranges at Bisley.


The club has to book all venues when we hire them - you can't just turn up and shoot unless we have a booking. You also need to treat all venues with due respect; remember, we are guests and each range owner has the right to terminate or refuse our access if we don't treat the ranges with the utmost care.


The cost of range use varies from £3 upwards, depending on the length of booking, the facilities and the activity. The club does subsidise some range use and we supply most consumables (targets / patches etc). We sometimes allow visitors (FAC Holders)  to share our bookings - they pay a premium to shoot as a guest, but are most welcome.


Current Range Costs (at Jan 2019)


                                                      Anglo range            MOD/Bisley (Half day)               MOD/Bisley (Full day)


Full Member                                            £3                             £15                                     £30


Restricted Member                                  £13                            £25                                     £40


Guest (Non-FAC holder)                           £10                            £15                                     £30


FAC Holding visitor                                  £15                             £30                                     £45


If there is an Open Competition hosted by FDPC, fees will be as advertised on the Entry Form



Some FDPC members travel to other clubs for 'Open' competitions. You'll need to liaise directly with the competition organisers to book in, although we often travel as a group and thus co-ordinate matches, entries and accomodation, where required.


Attendance Records


Under Home Office Guidelines, the club has an obligation to maintain an attendance register..... "the club will maintain a register of the attendance of all members together with details for each visit of the firearms which they used and the competitions, if any, in which they took part".


You may also, should you wish, maintain your own attendance records. However, it is the club's record that informs the official 6-monthly return to the Police. If there is no record of you shooting with the club within a 12 month period, the club must inform the Police of that fact. They may then query your 'good reason' to hold firearms. However, if you have shot elsewhere (and can prove it - through another club attendance register for example), then you shouldn't have an issue. Also, if FDPC is not your Primary Club (as per your FAC), then it should be that club that reports your attendance. The club has to retain all attendance records for a minimum of 6 years.


UPDATE - Jan 2017


At Anglo Range, the club now has a electronic Tablet that captures Range Attendance. Just swipe your range pass on the RFID reader (NOT the tablet screen !!) and it will identify both you and your registered firearms. Select your attendance reason (Practice, Training or Competition), and then select you firearms used (if any) from the dropdown list. Finally, press Register; that will record  Name, date / time, reason and firearm on the attendance database. Don't forget to then put your Range Voucher in the postbox, to pay for your attendance. To update your registered firearms list, e-mail the secretary with new firearms' make / type / serial no.



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