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All members are encouraged to obtain their own Firearms certificate (FAC). This allows you to buy and store personal firearms and ammunition at home; obtain firearms to your specific needs and not have to depend on the availability and sharing of club firearms. You can also buy an LBR / LBP, and Sec 1 shotgun, all of which requires a personal FAC entry to own and shoot.


Additionaly, you can purchase ammunition in quantities to suit your needs and even consider home-loading (often better for cost, consistancy, accurancy and suitability to the type of shooting you do).


Membership of FDPC is 'Good Reason' for you to have an FAC for Target Shooting. However, you would normally be expected by the Police to be a FULL and regular shooting member of the club. The police will almost certainly contact the club when they consider your FAC application.


FAC's last 5 years, and currently are £50 on first grant. The process can take between 6 and 16 weeks, depending on your Police force area, your personal circumstances and your security arrangements. Make sure you have a Police approved cabinet installed (big enough to store what you've applied for) and consider an alarm. They are not always required, but they help your case, and show you are willing to take 'reasonable precautions' against theft.


There are a lot more conditions pertaining to age, costs, types and licences (co-terminous with a shotgun, Explosives etc) ; we suggest you review the local Police force websites below......




Once you have your FAC, don't forget to allow plenty of time to renew it. The Police can and will sieze your firearms and ammo if you failed to renew it in time.


Finally, if you want to shoot in Europe, get yourself a (free) EFP - European Firearms Pass. It makes the transit of firearms a lot easier, although you may require additional paperwork to some countries, such as Eire. Just ask your local Police licensing to issue you one - they can take you through the process.

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