Always treat a firearm as if it were loaded.


Never point, or allow others to point, a firearm at, or in the direction of other people.


Always check a firearm is unloaded when picking it up if it is handed to you, or if you hand it to another person.


Always leave firearms open, with the magazine out, when not in use, unless they are shut in their case.


Smoking is strictly prohibited at all times at the firing points - black powder is an explosive !


Never touch another person’s firearm without their permission.


Ensure ammunition and firearms are not left unattended on the range or in the club room. Keep them in your case, holster or pocket.


No person may take ammunition from the range unless they hold a valid Firearms Certificate, appropriate to that calibre, and the transfer is recorded on that certificate.


No firearms (including air weapons) to be used outside the range.


Ear and eye protection must be worn when on the range.


No children below the age of 11 may shoot.


No children below the age of 16 are allowed on MOD ranges.


No animals allowed on MOD ranges.

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