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Good afternoon all,

We had a good turn-out at the AGM last night – 53 members in total.


I will be issuing a full set of minutes containing all the committee officer reports and financial records within the next few days. However I thought I would issue a quick email to notify everyone of who we now have on the committee, as there have been a few changes:


  • Committee Members for 2020:

  • President:                                   Ashley Dagger

  • Chairman:                                  Graham Mason   (Change of position)

  • Treasurer:                                  Barry Morgan

  • Club Secretary                           Anthony French

  • Membership Secretary:           Tomasz Chiossi    (New to the committee)

  • Training & Firearms Safety Officer:  Graham Walker   (New to the committee)

  • Open (Practical) Competitions Officer:  Dave Barbara

  • Home Range Officer:                Ed Cole                  (New to the committee)

  • Military Ranges Officer:           Peter Ashton

  • Marketing Officer:                    Tom Ellaway

  • Recruitment Officer:                Josif Cooper                  (New to the committee)


Those who have left the Committee in 2020:

Keith Howell, Karel Deeley, George Oberg and Andrew Scrivens.


So please extend your thanks to those who have volunteered their time and will now be leaving the committee, and a healthy dose of good luck to those who are joining.


Results of the two motions discussed last night:

Motion 1: That the membership renewal date will change to 1st October each year – starting from 1st October 2020.

Result: PASSED – Renewals for FDPC membership 2021 will start much earlier this year, possibly July ~ August. Details in the AGM minutes and to be confirmed by the membership secretary in due course.


Motion 2: Propose that all members be allowed a postal vote Or proxy vote for committee elections.

Result: DEFEATED – both this motion and an amended version for only proxy votes were declined by the membership on grounds that the added complications to the voting process would out-way the benefits to the few who may use it.


As mentioned, all this information will be in the complete AGM minutes to be issued in a few days.


Best regards,

Anthony French

FDPC Ltd Secretary & Director

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