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The Gallery Rifle and Pistol (GR&P or just GR) disciplines cover events shot at short and medium distances by various rifles and pistols using pistol calibre cartridges.  Many of the events are classified so competitors shoot against others of similar ability.  As well as shooting GR with FDPC, Open meetings are held the at National Shooting Centre, Bisley and at club ranges around the country.  Competitors can take part at all levels from club through to International.

There are four main categories.

  • Gallery Rifle Small Bore (GRSB). Most competitors use a semi automatic (self loading) .22 rifle.  In some events however it is possible to use pump action, lever action, bolt action  or even single shot rifles.

  • Gallery Rifle Centre Fire (GRCF). Most shooters use a lever action rifle in a traditional pistol calibre. Examples of the most popular calibres are .38/.357, .44 or .45. There are classes for traditional under-levers (with scopes), classic (iron sights) and modified (with stacked magazines).

  • Long Barrelled Revolver (LBR). With an overall length of 60cm and a barrel length of 30cm these types of firearm are designed to comply with UK firearms regulations. The revolvers are available in a variety of calibres. Most popular are .38/.357 and .44 although some competitors do use the .45 ACP.

  • Long Barrelled Pistols (LBP). The LBPs are generally semi automatic types although single shot designs are available and are sometimes used for precision events. Like the LBRs they are designed to comply with UK firearms regulations. LBPs are available in .22 rimfire calibre only and can be used for all events.

Most events are shot at distances between 10m and 50m although a few do go out to 300 yards.  There is a large selection of GR events which only require range space out to 25 meters so the discipline is easily accessible at FDPC. The most common shooting position is standing unsupported but some events do test the shooter’s skills from other positions such as kneeling, sitting or from the weak shoulder or hand. Some competitions are deliberate precision events whilst others require the competitor to shoot and reload quite quickly. The targets can be stationary or turning at set intervals. 

Upcoming Events

  • 11th April - FB Rifle @ Langport 08:30

  • 12th April - Anglo re-opens for shooting

  • 17th April - PSG Shoot  Clyffe Pyp'd

  • 25th April - FB Rifle @ Langport 08:30


  Practical 5/6 Dec.


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