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40 Years Old


Back in 1973, a brave few souls decided that although rifle shooting was fun, the real challenge lay with pistols. As a break-away group from the established Frome Rifle Club, Frome & District Pistol Club came into being.


40 Years on, 80+ members, ex-members, friends and family joined together to celebrate that wise decision with a BBQ and quiz night at the Bell pub in Leigh on Mendip.


I have to say, a good night was had by all. Well done to Kat, Neil, Fraser and all those who contributed to making it a successful night (including all who provided the excellent puds and totally ruined any aspirations of weight-watching for the weekend !!)  Thanks also to our President, Rob Watts, who ensured that the Hog Roast was well stacked with meat.


As you can imagine, after 40 years, we’ve seen a fair few member join and depart. Not many of the ‘founding fathers’ are still with us, and after just 28 years, I still see myself as a bit of a newcomers (although looking around the range, maybe not anymore). However, it gave us all great pleasure to mark the occasion with a special award to one other long-time member, who after all these years of shooting, RO’ing, training and generally helping people out with his extensive set of screwdrivers, has now, very deservedly, been made an honorary Life member. Well done to Keith Howell – 30+ years of support to the club and still very active in ensuring others enjoy themselves as much as we can.


I estimate over the 40 years that FDPC has seen over 2000 people pass though our books – some are still with use, some move on and some, unfortunately, just succumb to nature – although if you believe in re-incarnation, they are just off to get reloaded. In any sense, FDPC has provided a lot of people with a lot of fun, success, friendship and achievement – long may it continue.


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Thanks for a great night !


Ashley Dagger


Chairman (at that time)  FDPC

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