The Muzzle Loading Precision Competition                                                                                              (Previous Results)


 Firearm - Any Muzzle Loading pistol, with ball .30 inch, or larger. Black Powder or Pyrodex only allowed. Fixed or adjustable open iron sights only (no scopes / dots). A spotting scope is allowed. Revolvers should shoot 5-5-3 shots.


Target - One Precision PL7 Target


Scoring - 50% over line to count as higher score. Ties resolved on count-back of X’s, 10’s 9’s etc. Best 10 shots to count, out of 13 fired.


Procedure -  Standing at 25M, unsupported, single handed only. 13 shots in 30 minutes (plus one fouling shot, if required). Time to include all reloads.

PL7 Target

The Muzzle Loading Aggregate Trophy - Donated in Memory of Pete Nelson

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