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The club hosts and runs a number of Open Practical competitions as part of the NRA Handgun league (LBP and Mini-Rifle).



















For information on Practical matches, send an e-mail to :

Results to date

NRA Practical for Pistol and Rifle - 1st / 2nd Feb 2020 - Results here


RO’s award to Mike Harvey, who after a tough day shooting came back to RO on Sunday for us.

FDPC / NRA League 22 Pistol / Mini-Rifle Practical Match – 7 / 8 Dec. Last of the 2019 NRA league matches. This is a pistol match, but mini rifle are welcome to attend. Full Results are online on the Practiscore site at :-

LBP Open                                        LBP Standard


1 Greg Dixon Smith                          1 Jon Axe

2 Tomasz Chiossi                            2 Ste Gough

3 David Ashcroft                             3 Alex Florence


Mini Rifle


1 Ben Ducker                                  Top Senior / Super Senior

2 Graham Mason                             Graham Mason

3 Tom Ellaway


Top Lady                                        RO Award

Wendy Thomas                               Ed Baker

Club 22 Pistol / Mini-Rifle Practical Match – Results for Sat 2nd Nov 2019

Another good club match with some varied stages and shooters – from Birmingham, Wales and FDPC of course.

All the results are online here –

(open a new window)


Thanks to Tom for designing half the stages and Dave H for the hot dogs.


Key wins are

  • Mini Rifle – Mike

  • Pistol – Tomasz

  • Seniors - Graham


Club 22 Pistol / Mini-Rifle Practical Match – Sat 7 Sep – Results

It was a great match – highly competitive with stages for everyone. A special well done to Josif for designing and running the stages in the 25m range. All results are on Practiscore (open in a new window)  but the headlines are;


  • Winner – Mike

  • Top Junior - Josif

  • Top senior / super senior – Graham

  • ROs award – Andrew (for running the length of a stage to get another magazine)


Open Practical mini-rifle - 18th / 19th May 2019 :

Results are online here -

Headline awards;

Open (Red dot)

  • Josh Hicks

  • James Harris

  • Alex Florence

Open (Telescopics)

  • Ben Ducker

  • Keith Howell

  • Sam Coupland

Pistol (Non NRA qualifying)

  • Ben Ducker

  • Tom Howell

Seniors – Keith Howell (S and SS)

RO’s award – Stuart Green (for hitting anything on Standard Pistol!)

   Club Practical - 2nd & 3rd Feb 2019 - HERE



    Open Practical on 8/9th Dec 2018

    Results :    Full Results



    Open Practical on 18th Aug 2018 

    Results :        FULL  &  STAGES  



    Open Practical on 10/11th Feb 2018        

    Results :       PDF of overall here



    Open Practical on 4/5th Nov 17          

    Results :       PDF of overall here



    Open Practical on 24th September 17          

    Results :       PDF of overall here



    Open Practical on 6th August 17          

    Results :       PDF of overall here


    Open Practical on 29th - 30th April

    Results :       PDF of overall here



    Open Practical on 7th - 8th Jan 17

    Results :      Full Breakdown 



    Open Practical on 3rd - 4th Dec 16

    Results :      Full Breakdown 



    Open Practical Mini-Rifle on 5 - 6th Nov 16

    Results  :      Full Breakdown    Youtube Video   Photos



    Open Practical on 23 - 25th Sept 16

    Results :    Summary   Full Breakdown




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