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Registered Office: Lowerfield Barn, Yarde Farm, Combe Florey, Taunton TA4 3JB

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The Hendy                          


 The Hendy Aggregate Trophy - This was donated by Gordon and Philip Hendy - both founder members. (Gordon being the first Club Secretary and a former President; Philip being the first Club Treasurer). The competition was originally shot as an aggregate made up of a number of full-bore pistol matches. The aim was to find the best all-round pistol shot in the club, with a variety of matches to include precision, practical, police and service, plus long range.


After the 1997 Pistol ban, the aggregate evolved to a carbine (GRCF) competition covering similar disciplines. The criteria for winning has changed a couple of times, as has the scoring format. The aim was to ensure that all comps contributed equally to the aggregate - this is now achieved by awarding the winner of each comp (or pair of Comps, if shot together) 100% and ranking everyone else in comparision.


Because some comps are shot as a pair (T&P1 / T&P2 for example), they each attract 50% to the winner. The current makeup of the aggregate includes :


T&P1                                      Long Range Carbine

T&P2                                      CF Precision

Phoenix A                               MT3

Multi-Target                         Granet


Currently, all 8 competitions contribute to the aggregate; this ensures it's a true measure of all-round ability. However, all the comps are also championships in their own right, so if you miss one Hendy round - don't give up, as there are plenty of prizes still to be won !


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  • 29 Jan - GR Night at Anglo

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